The ethos of my artistic practice is to Explore and inspire Exploration in others. To inspire active thought instead of passive existence. I believe in humanity and I wish to inspire us to be everything we were meant to be. When looking at our world I feel that those with a similar ethos to me are fighting a losing battle against the seduction of passive existence. When looking at that black hole, I try to remind my self it is one’s civic duty to continue. 

I believe the path our society is on leads to a horrific future, it is not a nuclear wasteland, instead it is utopia for the 0.1 % of humanity, the rest of us are being stimulated in to believing that we are getting everything we want, but the truth of it is that every emotion we are feeling is an artificial construct. The punch line is that we are paying for our own imprisonment. This is not a future I want for humanity, the only way I can imagine for us to steer clear of it is if a majority of us truly started to explore, and focus on active being instead of passive existence.

I’m very interested in perception. How we can look at the same person and see two different people. I often wonder how people perceive me, I fear what most see is a self-centred, egotistical and narcissistic artist. For why else would one make art? Why else would one use one’s own body? Why else would one put work in the public domain?

I believe in art, even though I acknowledge that a lot of art has been perverted by capitalism, but please trust me when I say; I make art for you even if you might not see it, understand it or like it.


These are some of the things I do:

I create performance art, photographs, videos, drawings and music:

I have written a Manifesto

I do workshops on how to be a Licensed Fool

I have helped organise performance art: and

I have initiated an online version of  the surrealist game ‘Exquisite Corpse’:


Bjørn Venø